Cooperation with interpreters

Do you have experience of working as an interpreter and want to help creating spaces where people can meet and communicate with each other – regardless of their native language or their functional impairment? If so, you are welcome to cooperate with us!

You can cooperate with us by:

Contact details:

Call, text or message us via WhatsApp: 076 111 56 39

Facebook and Messenger: @olikamenlika


Mónica Gallego – Project Manager (on maternal leave):

Asad Ahmed – Administration responsible:

Anna Bartfai – Cooperation and communication responsible:

Sofia Quiroga – Participant Support Manager:

Sarah Sultani – Co-worker participant support:



Someone who enables communication between two or more people who speak different languages.


When two or more parties carry out a task together to achieve a common purpose and benefits.

Simultaneous interpretation

Interpreting is carried out at the same time as the speaker talks. This often requires wireless equipment that the project provides.

Language justice

This is about people’s right to listen, express themselves and be understood in the language they are most comfortable with (Tahrir).


This means adapting to the environment, objects, services and communications so that it can include as many people as possible.


This means several languages.

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