Tahrir – language justice

According to the Swedish Administrative Law, authorities must use interpreters and make the content of documents accessible if needed in order for individuals to exercise their rights. This applies to individuals who have a functional impairment that seriously limits their ability to see, hear or speak.

The preparatory work states that this regulation should facilitate the process for individuals with a functional impairment to participate in cases, to exercise their right to access and understand the content of the case, and to make themselves understood when contacting authorities.


Tahrir works for a more language fair society by creating inclusive multilingual spaces where everyone is given the opportunity to express their whole personality and to participate on equal terms.

Language justice is about people’s right’s to listen, express themselves and be understood in the language they are most comfortable with. It is about removing language barriers in order to release conversations and create cooperation. After all, how can we create a better society together if we can’t even talk to each other?


There are several reasons why people with a foreign background have very little representation within the disability rights movement and in their boards, where language is a key factor. If we create multilingual ways to meet, we will be able to give voice to people with functional impairments who are not comfortable with the Swedish language.

The language justice organisation Tahrir develops solutions to these challenges. Through the Olika men lika project, we contribute towards improving the treatment of people with functional impairments who are not comfortable with the Swedish language!


The Swedish Administrative Law

A law that regulates how authorities must act in dealing with various cases.


Environments, objects, services and communications are easy for everyone to access or use.


Adapting to the environment, objects, services and communications so that it can include as many people as possible.


Several languages.


Being able to use more than one language.

The disability rights movement

Umbrella term for organisations of and/or people with functional impairments.

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